A little about me, and what you’ll find here.

Let’s get right to the point. This is supposed to be fun, and I intend to make it so, but first I want to tell you a little bit about myself so you’ll see where I’m coming from.

I’m a sensitive soul; that, I’ve always known. I feel deeply, and I firmly believe that this quality is one of my greatest strengths. Some of you may know me from my work as a bartender. In articulating why I worked in bars, I used to tell people that it was because I really “cared.” In truth, I did. But after some time of reflection I have realized this:  I thought I “cared” about working in bars and restaurants, helping to make them into the kinds of places that were “different” and “special.” What I actually cared about was making beautiful and tasty things to share with kind and intelligent people, and being around people from all different countries, cultures, language traditions, and backgrounds, with things to teach me. Turns out those are the kinds of things I’ve always cared about, and that’s probably not going to change.

As I write this, I’m in a state of transition, one shifted away from me working in bars. My lifestyle has changed. I don’t drink as much as I once did, and I feel much better for it. I actually think it’s more enjoyable to have one or two drinks — occasionally — and make them count. A part of what I intend to do here is to share drink recipes, both spirited and non-alcoholic beverages, with a focus on seasonal ingredients as well as things that pair with your moods and festivities. I want you to have something good, and savor it. Don’t skimp on quality. Your body will thank you.

Even more than drinks, food is the center of my universe. These days I’m gravitating more toward food that tastes wonderful but also makes me feel healthy and lively. Also, I’m in a relationship now, but I was single for years and years, and I really love focusing on the art of planning meals for solo diners or couples. I can’t wait to share my tips and techniques with you.

On the artsy and creative side, you’ll come to know that I love music and unusual instruments, especially my ukulele. I also love doodling, DIY projects, and paper and writing instruments. I’ll share my doodles, along with products I’m making and work I’m doing on my music.

Oh, and whimsy! My heart beats faster at the thought. Expect to find a LOT of whimsy going on here. It’s pretty much my lifeblood.

Talk to you soon,


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  1. Jason Harrison turned me on to your blog. Awesome start and looking forward to reading more. Is there any way for me to sign up and receive an email anytime you post a blog? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for reading, Jake! I just added a button on the sidebar that should make it easier to follow the blog. Good suggestion!

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