When in doubt, try a simple ritual.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m going through a shift in terms of work, which was prefaced by an overall shift in perspective, which has been ongoing for some time now. Ugh. Change can be so perplexing and headache-inducing, especially when I try to figure out how it’s all going to come together eventually.

A hopeful coccoon, indeed.
Mood as of late: hopeful cocoon, indeed.

I’ve found that in these moments, when I can’t seem to let go of over-analyzing and need to make sense of something, it helps to give myself the gift of a ritual. I usually turn to cooking or baking, and I’ve noticed there are a few key details that I look for in a designated recipe. The dish must be both rather methodical in preparation and require simmering or baking for at least an hour. Cases in point: Last night I baked a marbled mocha coffee cake. Today I made a pot of spaghetti sauce. Giving my mind a results-yielding-process to think about instead of my perceived chaos ends up calming me while fortunately providing tasty things for us to eat at home.

An added benefit to having avoided a more stress-focused outlook? I’m more able to enjoy Jorge’s and my (every-so-often) evening ritual of going up to the rooftop of our Queens apartment and admiring the sky. Tonight’s visit yielded a pretty dramatic view of the super-blood-moon, and as you can see, my sweetheart takes great photos.

Super-blood-moon in effect.
Super-blood-moon in effect.

Talk to you soon,