Uh, hello there.  Five months ago, I posted something.  Remember me?

I’ve been working on some stuff.

Some home projects.

Some trying-to-get-accustomed-to-a-day-job-again stuff.

-while at the same time-

Taking the last laps in a getting-debt-free relay, finally completed 2 weeks ago. (Hooray!)

-and simultaneously-

A bunch of doodling!

The driving forces inside me, lately.  A little (no, a lot) stop-and-start.

So yeah. A lot.

And while I do realize that all of this aforementioned stuff is supremely important, what is also important to me, now, is follow-through.  I have struggled mightily with this over the years.  Classic overanalyzing/paralyzing behavioral tendencies override my best ideas and dreams, if I let them.

But luckily, I can start again. And again, if I need to.  So, I am.

Talk to you soon,