On 3 years in New York City

It can be hard living here.  But I didn’t know I could really love living in a place like I love living in New York City.  I still pinch myself, sometimes, living here.

And it’s not because everything stays open late, though it does, and it’s not because there’s a particular energy here, though there is.  There’s a particular energy everywhere I’ve lived.

This is just a place I fit, though I’ve never felt that I fit into a particular place, exactly.  That’s what you want out of a place or relationship, to feel like you are more fully and functionally yourself, because of that person or place.  I feel that way here. New York and I are still early in our relationship, still getting to know each other.  It’s a good place for me.  It also helps me test the limits of my patience.

I needed to move to New York.  I trusted myself and it was the right thing to do.

October 1, 2013 was the day I moved here.  I arrived around noon that day from DC, where the government had just shut down the night before.  I was all caught up in the adventure of having completed a lengthy stint in Richmond, VA, and moving on to Brooklyn.  I was 36.  I was emotionally a little fragile from the turbulence of the previous year — I should say years, probably.  I was called here by… well, I don’t know what exactly.  Perhaps it was my inner voice that I should listen to more often.  Because this has been a move to reckon with, probably the best one I have ever made.

Yes, the first year was difficult, and in monetary ways, especially.  The second and third years have also been challenging.  But the years have also been full of adventures, learning, expeditions, and experiences.  It has been here where I met my sweetheart, Jorge.  It has been here where I have felt his family becoming mine, too.

It has been here that I’ve come to terms with what seems like a giant shift in my work and life.  It will be here where I will see it through to the other side on that, as I feel I am still in the change process of it all.  But the change process can be exciting, too.

It has been here that I’ve started writing more and being more creative on a daily basis, something I have meant to do since, well, forever ago.

It’s been here that I’ve realized just how grateful I am for the people in my life who give me support:  my parents, my grandmother, my friends, all scattered around this country and world as they are.

I’m sure this next year will be no different in exactly how different it will be, how many challenges will present themselves, what extremes of beauty and ugly I will see, and how many opportunities will arise.  I’m ready and willing.  This is my place, now.  I am beyond glad that I came here on that sunny and promising October 1st, 2013.

Now more than ever, I need New York.  We live in an incredibly diverse, multicultural environment here, and I need that.  I, who have never truly been comfortable to commit to staying anyplace more than 6 months at a time, don’t see myself moving anytime soon.

Cheers to three years, New York City.  Let’s keep seeing where this thing goes.