Right now, I’m sitting at the dining table, propped up by a densely packed throw pillow and a (lukewarm) hot water bottle, nestled next to my lower back. I’ve stayed home from work these last two days due to a sharp, debilitating pain in my back which, apparently, recurs every year and a half or so when I don’t take the time to stretch on the regular. I am grateful for the excuse to take another “weekend” off within the work week, but because I have extremely limited mobility right now, it certainly doesn’t mean I’ve been able to gallivant around and enjoy these two days, because I can barely move through the apartment, much less navigate the intricacies of the public transportation networks of this city. Relegated to sitting or lying languidly on the couch, I’ve had lots of time to think, analyze the state of the apartment’s organization, consider some different ideas to write about or draw, plan a workout strategy so that I can theoretically prevent more of this same type of back pain, etc. You get the picture. Lots of plans, lots of thoughts.

However – if I’m ever going to actually do something to follow through on any of these plans, it’s gotta be now. If I’m ever going to let go of habits that are no longer working for me, it’s gotta be now, too. You see, now is really the only time, best time, and real time. In a moment, it will just be another now. Tomorrow or next week, if we are granted these, will be another now, as well. Anything I do, I gotta do now – even if it’s just giving myself permission to take a moment to relax and regroup for… now. So now what? Now, I start to build a new habit of stretching exercises for my cranky lower back. And now, I’m posting this.

Talk to you soon,