Hi there, I’m Katie!

I’m glad you’re here. If you’ve been wondering how Fizz and Grits came about:

On the first night in a new solo apartment some years ago, I needed a snack to break the monotony of late-night unpacking, and the only food I had was a package of instant grits (a comfort food from my childhood). I nuked the grits in the microwave and paired them with a glass of champagne as a treat. Turns out, I had unexpectedly stumbled across a pretty good combination, though seemingly mismatched. I liked this unusual pairing and I began to think about pairings in terms of other things rather than just food and drink, such as what could be paired with particular music, emotions, times (of day, of year, of life), routine tasks, and ideas.

What seemed most interesting to me about all this were those times in which an everyday occurrence is somehow more meaningful than usual because of what it was associated with – such as a snack paired with the routine of setting yourself up in your new home, or studying paired with listening to a particular album, or a kindling of a new relationship paired with a season or time of year. What I realized was that all this assignment of meaning was really more about just letting myself notice details that would otherwise slip by, and what value that held for me. This is the kind of stuff I think about a lot, and that I will explore in my writing here.

Talk to you soon,


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