A pause, for effect.

Tonight, I got my hair cut.  They say that people who get a drastic haircut are going through big shifts in their lives. I got a drastic haircut.  I felt, and continue to feel, marvelous about it. Then, I had a glass of sparkling wine to celebrate.  I enjoyed the wine, but not to the …


Playing at planning

A topic that’s been on my mind lately (which, of course, is actually always on my mind) is meals.  In this case, I've been thinking about how often we’re prepared for them or how often we give up and go out and buy pre-packaged food or call for take out.  I love eating, thinking about, and …


That was me, jumping into this new blog!  Hey there, everyone.  Soon I'll have plenty of fun stuff posted for you to ogle, but for now, let me just say welcome! (and that goes for me, too!) Talk to you soon, Katie